our drink ice

At the Clear Ice Company ™ we love ice. In fact we specifically specialize in the perfect food grade ice. We are both Federally and State compliant in our manufacturing process and therefore we only manufacture food grade ice cubes.


We start by using an advanced 7 stage water filtration system to remove all impurities from the water. We then take a lot of time to produce our perfectly clear ice. Our ice batches are logged and recorded for compliance. You can find your batch number on your labeled bag.


We manufacture ice for bars, restaurants, retail patrons, events and much more!

our current product list:


- 1.9" inch small rock

- 2.1" inch large rock

- 1.9" inch tall small rock

- 2.1" inch tall large rock

- 5x1.25x1.25 inch collins

- 2.5 inch sphere

- mixing ice

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